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CalDAV - Synchronize your calendar in Easy Project to your mobile device

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Created: 2016-04-25 Updated: 2017-02-23
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CalDAV - Synchronize your calendar in Easy Project to your mobile device

CalDAV can be enabled in administration >> settings >> general



Synchronize your meetings in Easy Project to your mobile device.

The process is the same for both. Use the following link in the caldav processing tool:
[your domain]/caldav/easy_meeting
for example

Enter your login and password.

Then just select these events to view in your mobile calendar.

Be aware that in case of two-way synchronization, deleted events from your mobile may result in deletion in Easy Project.


Additional information

CalDAV – Easy Project calendar can be synced in one direction through .ical format or bi-directionally using CalDAV tools:

CalDav on Windows platforms:

  • Outlook users may use free of charge synchronization plugin for Outlook allowing to sync meetings between any folder in Outlook (including the one connected to Exchange) and Easy. It also can synchronize Easy Project contacts (CardDav).
  • Thunderbird users can use built-in calendar which supports CalDAV synchronization by default.
  • Windows 10 phone users have limited experience as Microsoft dislike the DAV servers. Windows users have 3 options: 1) Exchange server users may achieve full synchronization through their Exchanges in combination with above-mentioned Outlook plugin. B) Using Ical and connect them with their or Gmail calendar services. Then phone calendar from Easy Project is read only. The 3rd opting is new paid app PH Cloud CalDav Sync (not tested yet).

CalDav on Apple platforms:

Default calendars on all Apple devices natively support CalDAV.

CalDav Android phones:

There is number mostly paid apps to download which enables support of CalDAV sync to phone calendar.

Redmine Calendars and Contacts Synchronization / Outlook plugin
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