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How to use Workflow

The video tutorial


Table of contents

Status transitions

Field permissions

Corner situations


Status transitions

The workflow settings can be accessed in More: Administration: Workflow.




Here you have to choose a role and what changes can this role make on a task with a particular tracker. Click on the green "Edit" button and the options will reveal.




In the left column is the list of all current statuses a task might have, while on the right side are "New statuses allowed" with checkboxes, which might be checked (status allowed) or unchecked (status unallowed) for selection when the current status, role, and tracker have already been set on the task. According to the below example, when a task has a tracker Task, Project Manager can only change the status from New to Realization, nothing more.




Field permissions

Field permissions stand for what a particular role may fill in or what he has to fill in per various task fields. Choose a role and tracker for which these permissions apply.




You can set the permissions for standard fields and also for custom fields.




As shown in the above example, if the field has a red star next to it, it is a globally required field that has to be always filled in no matter your role. The field without the red star can be set as:

  • Required
  • Read-only
  • Blank (the field can be either filled in or not)


Corner situations

  • When the project field is set as "Read-only", you will not be able to move tasks because project field on the task would need to change in such a case.
  • When moving a task with a particular tracker into another project that does not allow this tracker in the project settings, the tracker of the task will be changed automatically to the first allowed one in the list.
  • When having enabled the option "By closing parent task, close also subtasks" in Administration » Settings » Task tracking, then parent task's status is also applied to its subtask's status even when the status for the subtask is disabled by Workflow settings.
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