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Trackers are here do differentiate tasks.

You can use trackers to sort the tasks according to the type of work they represent. They also help you to add specific information about the task based on the tracker. For example, if the tracker is Design, the designing team will need different specifications for their work, in comparison to the development team who work on tasks in tracker Programming.


Tracker settings can be found in administration 

You can add or delete trackers there.


You can also set in what order they will appear in the tracker field. Simply move them via drag & drop.




How to set each Tracker?


Basic attributes:


Fill in the name, default status that the task will have with this tracker and choose other options.

  • task displayed in roadmap-  you can choose whether or not you will see tasks with this tracker in the roadmap
  • send an invitation by email
  • Do not close the task if the subtask is open- this option is good if the subtasks are essential for the main task finish.
  • Do not allow to close the task unless a file is uploaded- if you want the users to upload images, files etc you can check this box.
  • Distributed tasks - allow you to create subtasks, which you can assign to different people at once and also assign to each person estimated time they got to finish the task. All updates within each of the subtasks will be added to the journal of every other subtask, therefore creating a sort of shared task, but assigned to different users.


Standard fields:


Here you can choose what you need to track with each particular tracker.


Custom fields:




You created some custom fields and you probably do not need all the fields in all the trackers, here you can sort out which you need and which you don't.

Color scheme:


Everybody loves colors! with this setting, you can differentiate different trackers with different colors.

Simply choose what color scheme you want for each tracker.

to make it work you have to go to settings and set you want to see the color scheme by tracker:





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