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Working time calendar

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How to use Working time calendar

The video tutorial

Working time calendar is the place where you can set standard daily working time and regular holidays according to your country and company policy. To configure working time calendar in your system, just go to More > Administration > Working time - templates. Here you can find the list of all calendars that have been already created. To show detail, edit or delete any of these, just click on the particular button on the right side of each calendar. Only one calendar from all can be set as default, meaning this one will be automatically pre-selected for each new user account created.




To create a new working time calendar, just click on the green "New calendar" button on the top right. It opens a new form where you have to fill in some basic information such as name, when work starts and ends in a working day, a number of working hours in a day, working days in a week etc. Also, there is an important option called "Import holidays from ICalendar", which allows you to import any calendar in *.ics file format into your Easy Project.




Clicking on the "Holiday calendars" link on the right side will open an online list of country-specific publicly accessible calendars in the correct format, thus facilitating the selection of a suitable one. Just copy the URL address of the selected calendar and insert it in the URL form field in Easy Project. Of course, you may not use this recommended list and choose any other calendar instead, if necessary. When all the form fields are correctly filled out, then create your new calendar by clicking on the green "Add" button down on the page.




After opening the detail of a created calendar, you will see a picture like this. Using the small icon in the top right corner of each day box, you can add an exception from standard working hours just for this particular day. For example, you set that two following Fridays or all Fridays repeatedly has 6 working hours only, while other work days keep the usual 8 hours. Below the calendar, there is an option to easily add regular (repeating) exceptions, such as one day in every week within a specific period of time. To remove all exceptions, just click on the respective button in the sidebar menu. The "Holidays" button will show you a list of all holidays predefined in the selected calendar.




To change working time calendar only for selected user(s) without the need to change the default attribute on a calendar, you can do so on the particular user's profile in the "Working time" tab.



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