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1. Implementation of IS (Waterfall, before launch) - First plan earned value


Schedule variance: -169.0

Schedule performance: 0.12

Cost variance: 24.0

Cost performance: Infinity

Project description


This is a sample project containing typical phases of implementing an information system (IS) to a company. This project acts as You are the supplier of the software and are implementing it to your client.

This particular project has been scheduled and capacitites have been planned, but it has not yet started - waiting for the go-ahead.

Key features:

  1. The project (tasks and milestones) were initially scheduled in Gantt chart
  2. Afterwards, a baseline was created to help the manager watch project progress in comparison to the plan. This baseline is used as the planned value in Earned value chart. As the project gets underway, the earned value chart will be continuously updated showing progress in project delivery and induced costs.
  3. After the schedule is ready, you can allocate particular tasks to particular team members using Resource management.

The project is now ready for realization!

  Subject Status Assignee Due date  
Clean system ready 310.71%
Analysis 310.71%
Setting 1139.29%
Deployment 310.71%
Review 414.29%
Internal finalization of the project 414.29%
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